Pre Opening to Collectors

Fabio Dal Boni has exhibited his fine art photography to a list of collectors of New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Charleston before starting a permanent solo show “Creatures of Light” in Sarasota, Florida. Fabio considers his “Hearts” the core of his artwork. Please, explore his fine art photography.

Fabio Dal Boni Art Shows in Sarasota, Florida

A new icon for Sarasota. As one of the best small cities of the United States for the Arts, Sarasota has welcomed the new art gallery at 25 North Pineapple Avenue, next to the Opera House, as a unique space where visitors may enjoy paintings, luxury photos, and sculptures. Here Fabio Dal Boni showcases his colorful artwork. The gallery has been completely recreated and transformed into a stunning exhibition space. Only thanks to the vision and ability of Alexa, Fabio's wife and owner of AlexArt International, the new art gallery has become one of the most popular points of interest on the Western Florida Suncoast.