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Art is transformational. With a glimpse of your God-given eyes, you can go from merely just seeing something for it’s intrinsic value, to being drawn in as if almost against your will. That feeling of connecting with a work of art so that the canvas or medium opens a door allowing you to enter an alternate reality all because your eyes led you on a magical journey. I had that experience on a recent visit to meet with fine art photographer, Fabio Dal Boni. Perusing his collection, Creatures of Light, was like taking an exotic vacation, and I never even left my seat.

Fabio Dal Boni has a gift for seeing beauty in the simplest of items. His life experiences, which included a massive heart attack and a near-death moment gifted him with the ability to not only find joy in the small moments, but to also see the amazing beauty in everything. Whereas, a basket of apples is pleasant and appealing to most, what, with their appetizing aroma and red hues, who wouldn’t find it nice. But when Fabio photographs that same basket, a mystical switch seems to have been flipped with his senses. The fruits of his labor, as he combines his unique perspective with advanced technical processes to reimagine this same basket of apples, is nothing short of brilliance. Apples, with colors and depth, which seem to breathe emotion, now have you near tears. That was something entirely unexpected, to be filled with such intense feelings from a beautiful photograph.

fine arts nokomisA Fabio-effected photograph will utterly take your breath away as you, too, are afforded asmall glimpse into the colored world that he now sees. He uses a multitude of mediums including his primary love of photography, art, paint, digital technology and old-school methods to produce simply dazzling works of art. Displayed on metal, the pieces form a band of living and breathing beings, communicating with movement as light dances over them. He finds the whimsy in life as he strolls through the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on a Saturday and finds one lone apple sitting on a bushel of oranges, for example. He photographs it, already envisioning the way the color will bounce from fruit to fruit and, tongue-in-cheek, theorizes you can’t compare apples to oranges.

At the core of Fabio’s collection is his work entitled, “Hearts,” an homage to the day his own heart brought him back to life in more ways than one. Hearts depicted with fluid strokes, illuminating the emotional and life-giving properties of this amazing human organ, colored in brilliant hues as if speaking of sorrow, happiness, joy, and longing with every changing color. One would never imagine the images were born from actual rock formations, reimagined as only Fabio can. Hearts, reminding us to live for today, and this moment, for it is all we really have. Hearts, allowing us to see the beauty in the mundane, because if you do, you need not ever be bored again.

Fabio Dal Boni has exhibited his collections in New York, San Francisco, Charleston, and Washington D.C. and the community of Sarasota can now see his works at Massimo Meda Art Gallery, 25 N. Pineapple Avenue, site of the former Golden Apple Dinner Theater. The space has been impressively renovated with vaulted ceilings, floor to ceilingart, and a brilliantly lit, ultra-chic space envisioned by Fabio’s wife, Alexa, owner and curator of the gallery, along with AlexArt International. A celebration is planned for the opening of “Creatures of Light” in November and The Sarasota Post will keep you updated as details emerge. For more information on Fabio Dal Boni or to delight your senses with amazing samples of his work, please visit


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Fabio Dal Boni | Fine Art 
Artist Studio at AlexArt International Fine Art Gallery
25 N Pineapple Ave Sarasota, Florida 34236 (USA)
Gallery Hours:
Monday-Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
Friday-Saturday 10 am - 7 pm
Sunday 10 am - 1:30 pm